Our skills


The draft

  • 2 people are in charge of the commercial relations with the customers. Their role is to visit customers for new projects. Once the specifications are in their possession, they reflect on the different technical solutions.
  • Once the technical solutions are determined, they establish the price offer.
  • No price offer is given to the customer without the technical solution being viable, respecting the rates and the CDC.


  • Our design office, composed of 3 people, is equipped with solidworks licenses. These technicians work in direct relation with the manufacturing workshops. They are also project managers, they follow from beginning to end each case assigned to them. They can manage customer relationships, suppliers, and participate in machine debugging. Always in this spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Techni Jura's policy is to carry out very advanced studies in order to facilitate subsequent manufacturing steps.

Machining mecanical parts

  • Our mechanical workshop, recently renewed, is composed of 3 technicians. They are programmers and adjusters. With the help of Mastercam CAD / CAM software, they are in charge of making all machine parts.
  • Our fleet consists of 4 numerically controlled milling machines, 2 of which are very recent (Quaser and Makino). We have modernized manufacturing techniques to be more responsive but also to increase our capabilities while working in 1/8.
  • We can work all types of material, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, cast iron, technical plastics ... In a dimensional capacity limit of 1100mm.

Mechanical assembly

  • This workshop consists of 2 technicians. They are in charge of assembling the subassemblies and machines once the parts and the material received.
  • They also take care of all the pneumatic and electrical wiring on the machines so that the electricians take over at the level of the cabinets.
  • Their major role is also to develop the machines, to make the adjustments until the operation is perfect and reliable over time.

Electricity, automatism and robotics

This department is composed of 2 technicians. They have the skills to:

  • Realize the cabinets and finalize the wiring of the machines
  • Realize the machine programs and HMI interfaces
  • Realize vision programs
  • Realize the robots programs
  • Establish communications between different machines