Industrial robotics and automation

Since 1990, Techni Jura has been a recognized player in the production of special machines and robot islands.

A 100% family company since its inception, Techni Jura has acquired throughout these years a solid experience in different areas of expertise.

Our 12 technicians work in-house, designing, machining mechanical parts, mechanical assembly, electrical and pneumatic wiring, cabinet making, automation and programming robots.

French industry is running an endless marathon and this for decades, the constant search for competitiveness and efficiency leads to rethink the processes and the place of the human in our production chains.

Humans must be assigned to tasks with high added value, repetitive, basic, tedious tasks are made to be automated.

France is at the dawn of industrial revolution 4.0, there is still a long way to go. I think that for the moment, robotization and automation is one of the only strategic axes to allow us to remain a technological, innovative nation and to improve the competitiveness of our industrialists. These technological advances are the first steps to consider certain relocations.

Automation costs can be high, but you have to keep a long-term strategy in mind and see automation and robotization as a competitive advantage. Here, the definition of the word "investment" takes on its full meaning.

It is in this spirit that the reason for living of Techni Jura Robotics & Automation lies, it is to support our customers in the automation and robotization of their production to, ultimately, bring them new technologies and allow them to differentiate and improve their competitiveness.

Techni Jura is a customer-oriented company. We set up a real relationship of trust and unfiltered communication with our partners. This allows us to be efficient in the projects we carry out.

Our policy is mainly focused on quality and service. Techni Jura is a 100% family-owned company, which allows our teams to maintain close proximity to our customers and suppliers. The goal is to perpetuate this policy that my Father, Gilles, the founder of the company implemented from the start.

The social, societal aspect is taking more and more place in the Company, and we pay particular attention to the well-being of our employees without of course putting aside the objectives to be, we too efficient, thus satisfying our customers , and be able to conquer other markets.

Our team is ready to support you in your automation and robotization projects.

Albin BOUVERET, General Manager.

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Located in the heart of the Jura, we are located near Geneva, Dijon, Besançon and Lyon.
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